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We are Yellowstone YearRound Adventures, Inc.; we want to help you experience the wonders of Yellowstone on our Wildlife Tours, Geyser and Waterfall Tours, Day Hikes and Snowshoe Treks, and much more! Fishing, Cross country skiing, and other activities are also available! If you need assistance to put together your trip our Vacation Planning Assistance service may be just what you are looking for! Let our many years of experience guide you in organizing the trip of a lifetime.

Our family owned and operated business is a permitted Yellowstone National Park and Gallatin National Forest concessionaire based at the north and original entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner MT, with offices in West Yellowstone and Bozeman to serve you throughout Yellowstone Country. Our goal is to provide you with a quality and rewarding vacation while in Yellowstone. We want those who visit the area to leave wanting to come back and explore Yellowstone again and again.

Rick KeatsRick Keats, founder of Yellowstone YearRound Adventures, Inc., has been guiding in and around Yellowstone National Park since 1997. His love for the area bloomed when he worked as a law enforcement officer in Cody, WY. After 20 years, Rick was ready for a change and started his own seasonal rafting company on the Missouri River in Cascade Montana. The lure of Yellowstone was great and he also worked part time for an established company in West Yellowstone, as a tour guide by van in the summer and snow coach or snowmobile guide in the winter. He guided rafters and fishermen on the Missouri River for two seasons, before selling the business to move to West Yellowstone and guide year round in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Rick especially enjoyed taking visitors to the northern range of Yellowstone on the Evening Wildlife Tours. It was a thrill to spot animals in their natural habitat that most people could only see in zoos or on TV. He often lamented that the tours would be so much better if he didn’t have to waste so much time driving from West Yellowstone. When Rick's wife, Carol, became the Postmaster in Gardiner, Rick quickly moved from West Yellowstone to Gardiner and started his own tour business, Yellowstone Yearround Adventures.

In 2010 Yellowstone YearRound Adventures, Inc. became a division of Yellowstone Glacier Adventures, Inc. to offer our guests even more opportunities.

Steve Braun, the new owner of Yellowstone YearRound Adventures, Inc., and the owner and founder of Yellowstone Glacier Adventures, Inc. has been guiding and teaching in the Yellowstone Ecosystem for more than 20 years. Steve also teaches numerous workshops and classes around the world including Japanese Ministry of Education “Super Science” schools together with museums and nature centers. Steve founded Yellowstone Glacier Adventures, Inc. in 1991. During the past 20 years more than 40,000 visitors have enjoyed and learned about Yellowstone.

Mayu BraunMayu Braun is co-owner of Yellowstone Glacier Adventures, Inc. A plant specialist and writer for numerous magazine articles, Mayu also served as a state park manager in Japan for 6 years, preserving the park’s natural resources while managing more than 100,000 park visitors per year. Mayu also worked to save from extinction several plant and animal species by establishing gene banks and reintroducing species into the wild.

Our additional staff looks forward to serving you!

Yellowstone YearRound Adventures, Inc. is a division of Yellowstone Glacier Adventures, Inc. and Adventure Yellowstone, Inc. We are proud to serve you throughout America's National Parks. Licensed by the US National Park Service and US Forest Service to serve you YearRound!

For the past few months we had been dreaming about this trip, our second, to Yellowstone. Now that the children are older, we were going to focus on the wildlife of the park and we were just hoping, at best, to glance at a distant wolf or grizzly through binoculars. We were excited and knew your services would help us, but were not quite prepared for what happened. In two days, we saw at least 16 grizzlies, a total of 4 wolves, golden eagles, mountain goats, pronghorns, big horn sheep, baby owls, ospreys and of course, legions of elks, bison, etc.  Unbelievable! Getting up at 4:45 a.m. was not too, too bad, knowing that Rick would be right there on time, waiting in his comfortable van, and that he would have freshly brewed coffee, delicious homemade breakfast burritos and rolls all ready for us! What an unexpected treat. Rick knew exactly where to go and when as if all the fantastic scenes we witnessed had been staged just for us. He taught us so much, and no nicely, about the history, biology and life of the park and the animals, and proper animal-watching etiquette. In fact, after a couple of days we were starting to be able to spot a few animals on our own. The scopes he provided were of top quality, easy to use, and we were even able to take a few pictures through them. Our trip was fantastic and varied Rick knew how long to stay at each site, what to look for and where, when we were hungry or needed to stretch our legs! He was patient with us and put our safety first at all times. We were impressed too by the excellent relationships he had with the park rangers, other biologists and were proud to even be introduced to a world famous documentary film maker whose work in the wolves of Yellowstone we were familiar with! This note would not be complete without a special mention of the food we were served homemade everything, fresh and delicious, served on a table cloth in a picturesque picnic area. How could you beat that? These two days flew by so fast thank goodness we have over 250 photos and a couple of short movies of the grizzlies that we are going to look at again and again for the next few years!

With my best regards,
Veronique Lagrange

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