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Gardiner, Montana is the perfect spot to start your Yellowstone Wildlife Tour. Armed with binoculars and spotting scopes we will take you to the northern range of Yellowstone on a wildlife safari. Often called the Serengeti of North America the Lamar Valley is home to the most numerous and diverse herds of large animals in all of North America.

Our adventures donít stop when the snow flies. Let us take you on a
Winter Wildlife Tour. The North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park is open year-round for road based touring. When snow comes to Yellowstone the Lamar Valley area is a winter home for wildlife. Large herds of bison and elk congregate along the Lamar River and big horn sheep graze atop the ridges. January through March is prime time for watching gray wolves in this area. Our Winter Wildlife Tours leave around daybreak to take advantage of the most active time for wildlife. Listening to a wolf howl is an experience not soon forgotten.

Spring Wildlife Tours provide the opportunity for you to see bears as they emerge from their winter sleep. The large male grizzlies usually come out first and they are hungry. It is not unusual to see a grizzly challenge a pack of wolves and take away their hard-earned meal of an elk or bison. Eagles and owls nest in the spring and the wolves are preparing to den before the birth of their pups. The big bull elk have lost their majestic antlers. Black and grizzly bears usually start appearing with their cubs in April. May brings the birth of bison calves, the first wolf puppy viewing, and secretive elk calves.

Summer Wildlife Touring gives you the opportunity to watch all of the different species of wildlife found in Yellowstone; black and grizzly bears, coyotes, gray wolves, elk, bison, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, deer and maybe even moose or mountain goats. The weather is still generally cool and the roads are not crowded. The wetlands along the river are home to many species of birds and waterfowl; we will look for bald and golden eagles, hawks and search for the nests of osprey, owls and sandhill cranes. Wildlife tours during the hot summer months of July and August mean rising at daybreak and hoping to catch a glimpse of the animals before they move into the cool shade of the timber. Most of the wildlife has moved into the high country to escape the heat, we can usually find bears on the high mountain slopes and elk, bison and bighorn along the timberline while ospreys are teaching their young to fly and birds and wildflowers are plentiful.

Fall Wildlife Tours you will find bison and elk in rut. The big bulls challenge each other for the right to be king of their harem of cows. Listening to the elk bugle and watching these massive animals charge and fight each other is exciting. The bears will be preparing to den; they eat constantly putting on enough weight to survive their long winter nap. The blooms of the wildflowers have faded and are replaced by the aspen and underlying shrubs turning bright colors. Birds will be flocking for migration to warmer climates, late fall will bring snow and the return of the trumpeter swans to the interior river valleys.

We provide a spotting scope and binoculars for your use. Wildlife is best observed from a distance so we don't disturb them; all of their energy is needed to help them survive in Yellowstone. Remember to bring your camera and dress in layers, you can shed clothes as the day warms.

It is best to start Wildlife Tours early in the morning. Daybreak is the most active time of the day for wildlife. We like to leave around daybreak and so we include a field breakfast and drinks. Field snacks and drinks are included throughout your time with the guide. After an early morning start we find that many guests desire to finish their tour in the early afternoon and to enjoy the rest of the day on their own, therefore we will complete the safari around 1-2 PM before lunch. Since we are licensed by the National Park Service for day hiking we also encourage our wildlife safari guests to get off the road for at least a short hike to discover the true Yellowstone.

Rates for our Wildlife Tours start at $455.00 for 1 Ė 4 people. Please inquire for larger parties.

Rates are subject to change to cover operating costs. We can meet your party throughout Yellowstone Country, but itineraries and tour fees may change per your actual pick up and drop off locations.

Yellowstone YearRound Adventures, Inc. is a division of Yellowstone Glacier Adventures, Inc. and Adventure Yellowstone, Inc. We are proud to serve you throughout America's National Parks. Licensed by the US National Park Service and US Forest Service to serve you YearRound!

Hi Steve, Just wanted to let you know we had a great time in Yellowstone and to say what a fantastic guide Chelsea was. She was knowledgeable, professional, thoroughly prepared and also great fun. We had a very enjoyable day. She is a great ambassador for your business. Regards, Stephanie.

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