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When on your trip to Yellowstone, become one of only 6% who leave the boardwalks and roads of Yellowstone National Park. Join us for a Day Hike or Snowshoe Trek on quiet mountain trails within the park or in the adjoining Gallatin National Forest. While traversing the trails and taking in the magnificent vistas we will also have the opportunity to view birds and wildlife. Since we are licensed by the National Park Service we are one of the few allowed to offer day hikes and snowshoe treks all year to waterfalls, geysers and wilderness areas most never see.

Yellowstone hiking provides an excellent opportunity for wildlife and nature photography. We can walk to areas on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and in the Old Faithful geyser basin for unique shots of the waterfalls and thermals. On a cool early morning hike to Fairy Falls, Lone Star Geyser or among the Hoodoos above Mammoth Hot Springs it is not unusual to be the only ones on the trail.

In the winter your Yellowstone guide can lead you on explorations of snow, ice, tracks, and wildlife sign off-road and off-trail: winter is a fascinating time to explore Yellowstone. Snowshoeing is a great adventure for your family vacation. Learning is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, with the added challenge of not stepping on your own snowshoes.

Yellowstone National Park hiking can be part of a custom tour package. Spend one day in the lower region on a Geyser and Waterfall tour, and then enjoy a second day with a Wildlife Tour. Or, further explore with a third day for a longer hike to the top of a 10,000 mountain
the 360 degree views of all of Yellowstone are breathtaking.

The hikes will be limited to easy to moderate in level of difficulty. Hikers are expected to provide and carry a small pack for their water and lunch. We have a limited number of snowshoes and can help you rent additional pairs if needed for larger groups or special sizes.

Our rates start at $455.00 for 1-4 persons. Included in the cost is the services of a National Park Service licensed guide, field gear, safety gear, transportation to the trailhead from Gardiner MT, interpretive guide, and full meal in the field, water and snacks. We will provide binoculars to enhance viewing. Departures are available throughout Yellowstone country
please contact us for details!

Yellowstone YearRound Adventures, Inc. is a division of Yellowstone Glacier Adventures, Inc. and Adventure Yellowstone, Inc. We are proud to serve you throughout America's National Parks. Licensed by the US National Park Service and US Forest Service to serve you YearRound!

For me, an adventure at Yellowstone focuses on the wealth of wildlife-predators and prey alike in a spectacular natural setting. I have found that having a knowledgeable guide like Rick Keats of Yellowstone Yearround Adventures adds immensely to my enjoyment, by leading me to prime wildlife watching areas, to be in the right place, at the right time to have excellent opportunities for both observing and photographing common as well as unusual wildlife in the Park. I have traveled through the park with Yellowstone Yearround Adventures during two seasons, once in winter and once in spring. Both were very memorable and enjoyable outings.

Paul A. Napier
President, Cape May Raptor Banding Project

Hi Steve, I know it has been a while when we last e-mail. First of all, thank you very much for sending over the sun glasses to us and also the wolves chart of Yellowstone. Lynn was very happy about it and we still love to talk about our great time in Yellowstone. I hope everything is well on your side, I guess the weather has changed a bit over the course of the last couple of days and with that wild life will also be different. Thanks a again for being so helpful and thanks for the time we had together with you, we learnt a lot and had much fun at the same time. Best regards, Andreas.

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